Monday, September 14, 2020

Scrappy Runner

I was looking for a quick finish and saw this kit for a runner.  I liked the material, I am using it in another project, so I sent for it.  Making the little blocks was fun.  When I was putting them together, I wasn't sure if I really liked it.  But, it was going to get completed.

After it was a flimsy, I sandwiched it and then machine quilted it.  I first stitched in the ditch around the blocks and then put in the crosshatch pattern.  I still wasn't sure if I liked it.  

I began cutting the dark material that they had for the binding strips. Again I am thinking: what am I doing.  Only after I had sewn on the binding did I like it.  That dark binding was needed. 

 This runner has now gone to Maine to be with one of the kids.  It was quick finish and now I am back to my quilts.


Monday, September 7, 2020

Ella Maria Deacon Quilt

I have been working on things.  I just haven't been here to tell you.  Here is my BOM for the Ella Maria Deacon Quilt.

Here is Block 5 made wrong.

Now a better Block 5.  I sure like it better made correctly. 

Block 7

Block 8.  This is the same as Block 1 but a different color selection.

I am enjoying this BOM.   Someone else is picking out beautiful fabric that is so different than what I normally look for.

Enjoy your day.  Autumn is coming here in the Berkshires.  Some of our Maples have begun to turn.  It is great sleeping weather.  The windows are open as it drops to the 50s making wonderful sleeping weather.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Ella Maria Deacon

I enjoy almost anything to do with threads and fibers.  Among them is quilting.  

Last year I saw that Gay Bomer, Sentimental Stitches, was patterning the blocks of the 1842 historical friendship quilt by Ella Maria Deacon.  I began to pick up the block patterns but hadn't started to look for material.  Historical fabrics are not what I usually collect, but this quilt is gorgeous.  Homestead Hearth made an announcement that they were going to do a BOM (Block of the Month) of the fabrics for this quilt.  (Done with Gay's OK.)

I jumped at the chance for the material and signed up.  The first set of materials came this Monday.  It was for the first four blocks.

Block 1

Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
These are a finished 9 inch block.  It was a joy to work with them.  The other quilt that I am working on has a finished 6 inch block.  Since this is a BOM, I am done with this until September when more material comes my way.

Now to go pick up the Cave and then head outside.  Enjoy your day.  The sun is shining here. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hussiff or Housewife

I like baskets, boxes to put stuff in, sewing gadgets, anything related to threads, material and fibers.

I have seen the Hussiff/Housewife on other blogs.  I have always wanted to make one or two.  There are many different styles and were used by men and women as little sewing, mending kits.  

They could also be used as tatting kits, or hand quilting kits.  Maybe they could even be used for knitting. I made these from an already quilted material.  They have pockets, scissor holder and a needle book.

One will be sent off in the mail tomorrow to Sweet Thing #3 who likes fibers as much as her Mom.

If they go by the name Housewife, do you think she will take over the housekeeping? 

Wishful thinking. Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Quick Finish

My husband is beginning to take down the deck to have it ready to be replaced this fall.  He was trying out a new tool and took off two boards toward the back.  He had noticed wasps flying around the desk corner when he was grilling but figured ti was due to the plants near by.  Nope.  They had decided to set up housekeeping.  They have been evicted.   They were better off in the tree last year.   

Do you ever buy something and then wonder why you did, or is it just me.  I saw a kit for these mug mats long ago and bought two of them.  They are Quilt-as-you-go.  The pattern for the block was printed on the batting,  It has a panel of the sayings included.  You just sew the material in the proper place and then they are done.

One day during this shut down, I was looking for something quick to make and came across the kits.

So, I went to my box of leftover scraps, went to town sorting through the material and made them up.  I don't like the quilt-as-you-go method with having the backing as part of the process.  I just sewed the material onto the batting.  Then I used left over bigger pieces for the backing.  I brought it around to the front, turned it under neatly so I could use it for the binding.  Then I sewed down the binding with a blanket stitch using the sewing machine.  

The hearts were then machine quilted into the center of the blocks.

The mug mats are now done with the only hand stitching being burying the threads from the machine quilted hearts.  Nice easy project that was done rather quickly.

May you all be able to stay cool in this warm (HOT) weather.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Center Done!

15 July 2020, I finished the center of my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  It should have been done sooner but .......  Now it is done!  It measures 82 inches by 85 inches.  I laid it out on the bed to see what it looked like and I am so excited.  It goes from the top edge to the bottom  edge of the mattress.  It over hangs each side by two flowers.  You can see one side in the picture below.

The closer picture shows the various colors used.  They were placed in a set color pattern as I couldn't figure out how to make them scattered and look good.  It worked and I am so happy.

This is a hybrid quilt: the flower petals (colored and white) were sewn together by machine and all the centers (yellow and blue) were done by hand.  Then all the rows were done by hand.  Lots of slow stitching. 

I now have to decided on how I am going to do the border.  So far I have used solid colors with a bit of texture to it for the flowers.  I am thinking of using a light color that matches one of the flowers but in a 1930's small print.  But, do I attache white hexies to the flowers before I get to the borders or do I just start with the borders.  Decisions, decisions.  At least these are the fun ones to make.

Next week I am meeting with Kathy and Betty, my quilting buds, and will look for their input.  

May you all have a happy, healthy week.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Small Pieces

I am beginning my first ever Block of the Week Quilt.  The is the 3030 Quilt by Sentimental Stitches.  These are small blocks, 6 inches.  I haven't worked with many blocks this size and it is making my piecing improve.  

Block #1.  I made two as I was not pleased with the first.  The second one is better but I will still have to replace the left lower corner block.  I did not properly place the material so it is missing a bit of  the 1/4 inch seam.  I need all the material I can get.  The background is named Silver, a very light grey.

Linda Franz, a Canadian Quilter, has written two books on her Quilted Diamonds Quilts.  Using the CDs from her books, I am able to print the diamond pattern on freezer paper, cut it out, iron the pieces to the back side of the material, where it sticks very well.  Then I trace around the freezer paper on to the material with a pencil.  This marks my stitching line.  I then  use an Add-a-Quarter ruler and cut our my pieces.  Here they are in proper placement waiting for me to begin stitching.

I stitch them together by hand, a little puzzle to do while sitting in the evening.  The red diamond is the one on the board shown above.  My latest Diamond and the best so far.  I am getting better.  I also used starch on the material of this one before it was cut out and it was so much easier to piece.  I may be becoming a starch user for the little blocks.  These are 4 by 7, not counting the 1/4 inch seam.

May this find you all well and healthy.