Sunday, April 7, 2024


This week has been a different week.  We still have snow on the ground from the storm.  It will be gone by tomorrow as our temps are to head warmer this week.  We did not get the storm as badly as they did in Maine.  Sister and daughters all had power outages (just received notice that the last had their power come back at 0530 this morning). 

The snowflake table runner will turn into a sandwich today.  That is what is next on the list.  Shall start stitching it this week.  Now that I have told you that, I need to get cranking to be able to show something next week.

The last of the Chubby's have been finished.  Fox, Rabbit and Bird from Jeannette Douglas Designs.  I see that she has a Bee for 2024.  Need to look for that one.  These all need to be framed and I need to learn how.  This will be a good place to start as they are small.


Like many people, I have scraps left over from other projects.  I had seen a video by Conquering Mount Scrapmore with Brenda on making a "potato chip block".  This looked like less thinking than the other scrap block I had made.  Just don't put the same fabric in the block.  (I already messed that up.  Didn't notice until I was pressing the finished block.  Oh well.)

I am spending time cutting out bricks, 30 minutes a day, and my scrap pile is not noticeably smaller.  Cutting two sizes: 1.75 X 3 inches (wrote the wrong measurement down, cut wrong and had to adjust vs tossing fabric) and 2.5 X 4.5.  The smaller brick blocks are what I am showing.  It makes a finished 10-inch square.  When I stich them together, I need to make sure the center start is in different directions.  That way NO matching of seams!  Totally mindless sewing.  I leave one set up next to my machine waiting for me.  (I had to think harder for a crumb block).

Since the chip is waiting for me and I don't have to think, just sew and press.  I am back on a UFO: Little Block 365 by Sentimental Stitches.  I had 217 blocks stitched and several rows put together.  The smallness was driving me crazy as it takes a bit of time to stitch them.  Longer than to stitch a potato chip block.  I wasn't seeing the progress to keep me motivated.  Now it is a pair project.  Hope that helps me.  I want to see it done.  I do like 365, a lot.

NCAA Women's Basketball final this afternoon.  My slow stitching will be work on Season and Time by Moira Blackburn will watching the game.  

Linking to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.  Enjoy your threads today.


  1. Love your little embroideries! The chip sounds like a good way to use up scraps.

  2. I have seen the potatoe chip blocks in blogland, but have yet to try one. Yours look great, I'm sure they will grow quickly, once you start on them.

    1. The potato chip blocks are no pins, no matching, just sewing from the center out. I just finished one and it took about 45 minutes (with seam pressing). Just stitch. I am loving them.