Sunday, May 5, 2024


Blocks are now left set up beside my sewing machine when I leave my cave for the day.  When I return, I am able to get right to stitching.  Not having to prep to get ready to sew.  (Why didn't I start this years ago.)  

The three blocks below took me about one hour and 15 minutes to stitch.  A 6-inch nine-patch block, a 10-inch potato chip block and a 16-inch potato chip block.   

The nine patch works as a leader ender when stitching the chip blocks.  62 nine-patch are made and squared up.  150 are needed for the nine-patch quilt that is in my mind.  All are made from left over bits.  

The potato chip blocks are stitched in assembly line fashion.  Fat quarters, ones that I don't know what to do with, are being cut up and used.  The quilts will be super scrappy everyday quilts.  Both will be about 80 X 90 inches in size, maybe 90 X 90.  24 of the 10-inch blocks have been made and at least 72 will be needed.  When I first began the larger chip block (of which I need at least 25), I was trimming them square and trimmed to 16.25 as I didn't think I could do 16.5.  I don't have a ruler that big so was hoping that they were trimmed square.  They are not quite.  So, a new ruler has been ordered and I will wait for it to arrive before any further trimming.  The four blocks that have been trimmed; I will turn into a table runner.

I am enjoying this easy piecing, stitching.  Not having to match anything.  It is rather freeing and joyful.  

I am back to working on Little Blocks 365 from Sentimental Stiches.  These are foundation paper pieced.  I have 225 made.  Maybe 200 of them have already been stitched together with their sashing.  I will have to take the flimsy out of its basket and show you with a picture.  

This block is one that was made to small.  I had to have done something wrong with talking to the printer.  The one on the left is 3.5-inches, the size I need.  The one on the right is 3.25 inches.  I am glad that I trim them square before they go into the basket for the quilt.  That is the only way that I caught this.  I have another to redo as it was printed on the same page.  The small one will be made into a pincushion.

The green and yellow block did not take too long to stitch up.  

The block below took me about one and a half hours to stitch up.  I think that may be why I stopped making these.  Some little blocks with all the bits take so long to make, a 3.5-inch block.  All that time for something so little.  I am finding if I add them on to the end of the three scrappy blocks, I have accomplished something.   

Today I will be working with my blocks and hope to work on some cross stitch later in the day.  It looks like an all-day rain.  Maybe I will do some picking up.  Oooooo, housework, that is pushing it.  Enjoy your threads today.

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  1. It is supposed to rain part of the day here also, so I will spend part of it at my sewing machine. I hate when blocks end up too small. I am having that problem recently. I am looking forward to seeing the quilts that you make with all of this pretty and interesting blocks.

  2. I love making scrappy crumb blocks. Potato Chip blocks are on my list of things to try! Boy, do I have the scraps to make that happen! LOL

  3. I love your scrappy blocks! So cheerful!