Monday, April 24, 2017

Row 9

Row 9 has me tatting slowly.  To begin, I didn't like the number of ds in the floating rings.  I thought that it made the ring to big and open.  I like it better a little less open.  I reduced the first ds number to 8, then did 6 ds after the join to the other ring.  It took me four starts before I liked what I was doing. 
Then I joined in the wrong picot and made this mistake.  This is just one of many mistakes I have made on this row.  Last night I was watching Call the Midwife and had to un-tat the same section of ring and chain THREE times before I did it correctly.  (I need to pay attention.) 
I was able to correct it and move on but I am still not tatting quickly.  For some reason (not paying attention), I keep forgetting where I am and muck up with the order of the pattern.  LOTS of un-tatting with this row. 
I am now halfway through row 9 on my #20 thread doiley, then I will begin the #40.  May I get this set in my fingers and mind so I don't do so much untatting with the smaller thread.  Row 10 is out and Row 11 comes out this week.  How long will it take me to catch up?
The weather is wonderful today.  Spent time outside waking up my raised garden beds.  We had to replace one that has worn out after 10 years.  Planted pansies and Johnny Jump-ups, some of my favorite spring flowers. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sandwich and the Run Away Doileys

Last Monday I went South County to see my cousin Kathy, 45 minutes away.  She and I have decided to make a quilt for someone.  We are making it with a four week deadline. 
I hadn't seen her for about two weeks so I brought down some of what I have been working on.  (We like show and tell.)  I brought down my two Spring 2017 Doileys by Renulek (among other things).  I had the White one with #20 row 8 finished and was 2/3s the way around row 8 with the Latte Foam #40.  After show and tell, we went to the planning of the quilt.  
The pattern layout idea was already done, the material had arrived and was prepped.  Now we discussed the making of the blocks and dividing of the material and tasks.  My tatting was getting buried under material.  When I arrived home I realized I didn't have it.  I called Kathy and yes, it had been buried.  What is a woman to do? 
A Farmer's Wife Quilt Sandwich that is.

 My Most Handsome helped me to empty the dining room of almost everything.  Then he left for the gym (smart man).  I laid down the batting and painter taped it to the floor, then the batting and then the quilt.  Made sure that it was as smooth as I could get it.  Then carefully, beginning in the middle, pinned it.  Now I have a FWQ Sandwich.  I have an idea on how I will quilt it and what thread color I will use.  Just need to agree with my mind.
Kathy came up on Thursday and my tatting came home.  Both doileys are now finished and today I begin row 9.  That looks as if it will be a slow row.  The #20 is 11.5 inches and the #40 is 10 inches across.
The quilt Kathy and I are working on is doing well.  We put the blocks together Thursday and she put the borders on to make it a flimsy.  We will sandwich it tomorrow.  Then, after we decide on how the quilting will be, I will be machine quilting it.  Pictures will come.



Monday, April 3, 2017

#9, #10

I skipped Motif #73 from A Tatter's Workbook.  I am not sure that I like it, maybe I will go back to it in the future. 
Here is Motif #9.  In A Tatter's Workbook it is labeled as #15, found on page 37 and fun to tat.  My changes were to make vsp on the rings to join them.  A Tatter made them without attaching the rings to each other.  She also did each round as a separate row with a separate tie off.  I once again THANK the tatters that came before me.  I did the whole Motif without breaking thread.  First I did a split ring to climb out of the ring row, then kept joining chains above the previous chain join, going around in the circle.     

Motif #10 is a Shamrock bookmark.  The Shamrock is the Motif and then a very long tail to sit in the book pages.  The pattern is from Ellen Lai; Lucky Four Leaf Clover.  I only did three leaves as I wanted the Shamrock. 


 Another spring day here.  It is now 61 degrees, wonderful sunshine and the only snow remaining is at the tree line and where the drifts were.  I checked out my raised beds in the back yard and the Lambs Ear is peaking out of the snow.  The poppies are showing up by the east side of the house.  I so like the change of weather.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Row 7

So far I am keeping up with both doileys.  I began with the 7th row from Renulek's 2017 Doiley on Wednesday when it came out.  Began the #20 thread first, done by Thursday.  Then the #40 thread which was finished today, Sunday, 30 minutes ago. 

This is the #20 and it measures 10.5 inches across.

This is the #40 which measures 9 inches across.  I am liking tatting with the smaller thread.  It feels so dainty and lacey while I am working on it.  Someday I will try the #80, but, after these two doily's are done.

 Here are the two of them side by side.

Spring is coming to the Berkshires!  Snow on Friday, sleet on Saturday and today, 53 degrees and SUNSHINE!  Have a great day with your threads.

Friday, March 24, 2017

One Row 6

My Row 6 in the #20 thread is done.  It took two sittings and seven hours of tatting time.  I am pleased with this row.  It was fun and easy to do.  That means it stayed in my mind without any problem. 
Have begun the 6th row on the Doiley with the #40 thread.  I shall see how long I can keep them both up to date. 
Saw my first robin yesterday, four to be exact.  Today we have snow and sleet.  Love spring in the Berkshires!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Row 5

Renulek's Spring Doiley 2017
Size #40 thread
Size #20 thread 
 Side by side
Have a grand day.  Here, it is in the 40s with the sun shining.
FWQ update:  Kathy has all of her 111 blocks put together with her sashing.  The last joining happened at 10:30 last night.  She will do her borders when her backing and batting come in.  She is getting close to a second flimsy.  Photo as soon as it is ready.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Flimsy Twins

January to June of 2016, Craftsy had a Quilt Block of the Month designed by Lynette Jensen.  Kathy and I both liked the quilt, so, we both made the quilt.  I bought the kit as I really like the fabrics being used.  Kathy bought her border material and then went shopping in her Stash to find her complimentary fabrics.  We kept up with the piecing of the quilt to the last month.
Both of them ended up being UFOs and both were added to our finish list for 2017.  They were completed within two days of each other, the Flimsy Twins were born!  We almost stopped at the same place on the quilts.  I had a row of piano keys to put on and then the two outer boarders.  Kathy had only three rows of the outer border to do.  Why does a person stop when they are so close to finishing?
This is Kathy's Flimsy Twin.


Here is my Flimsy Twin (complete with Ted)


Here are the two of them lying side by side.  Kathy is on the left, I am on the right.

They are twins, not identical but so complementary.  

Now I have two Flimsy to quilt.  The FWQ will be done first, I think that I know how I will do it.  The batting is here and the backing is on its way.  I have also ordered the backing for this one.  This is my quilt, a quilt that I am keeping.  Ideas are running in my mind on how it will be quilted.

News on Kathy's FWQ!  She only has two rows of blocks left to put together and them she will put on its borders.  Then she has two flimsy to quilt.  So far 2017 is becoming a year of finishes.

Have a grand day!