Friday, March 24, 2017

One Row 6

My Row 6 in the #20 thread is done.  It took two sittings and seven hours of tatting time.  I am pleased with this row.  It was fun and easy to do.  That means it stayed in my mind without any problem. 
Have begun the 6th row on the Doiley with the #40 thread.  I shall see how long I can keep them both up to date. 
Saw my first robin yesterday, four to be exact.  Today we have snow and sleet.  Love spring in the Berkshires!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Row 5

Renulek's Spring Doiley 2017
Size #40 thread
Size #20 thread 
 Side by side
Have a grand day.  Here, it is in the 40s with the sun shining.
FWQ update:  Kathy has all of her 111 blocks put together with her sashing.  The last joining happened at 10:30 last night.  She will do her borders when her backing and batting come in.  She is getting close to a second flimsy.  Photo as soon as it is ready.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Flimsy Twins

January to June of 2016, Craftsy had a Quilt Block of the Month designed by Lynette Jensen.  Kathy and I both liked the quilt, so, we both made the quilt.  I bought the kit as I really like the fabrics being used.  Kathy bought her border material and then went shopping in her Stash to find her complimentary fabrics.  We kept up with the piecing of the quilt to the last month.
Both of them ended up being UFOs and both were added to our finish list for 2017.  They were completed within two days of each other, the Flimsy Twins were born!  We almost stopped at the same place on the quilts.  I had a row of piano keys to put on and then the two outer boarders.  Kathy had only three rows of the outer border to do.  Why does a person stop when they are so close to finishing?
This is Kathy's Flimsy Twin.


Here is my Flimsy Twin (complete with Ted)


Here are the two of them lying side by side.  Kathy is on the left, I am on the right.

They are twins, not identical but so complementary.  

Now I have two Flimsy to quilt.  The FWQ will be done first, I think that I know how I will do it.  The batting is here and the backing is on its way.  I have also ordered the backing for this one.  This is my quilt, a quilt that I am keeping.  Ideas are running in my mind on how it will be quilted.

News on Kathy's FWQ!  She only has two rows of blocks left to put together and them she will put on its borders.  Then she has two flimsy to quilt.  So far 2017 is becoming a year of finishes.

Have a grand day!




Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Did It!

As the Weather and News People have been saying, we had a Nor'easter yesterday; Stella.  We only had about 18 inches of snow but the wind was ALL day.  The snow was going straight across the yard and didn't stop until it hit the trees, causing drifts.  

This morning, my Most Handsome went outside with the snow blower to clean up the driveway.  He also makes me paths to the bird feeders on the East side of the house.  By being on this side, they have less of the Winter wind and the birds can sit in the tree.  The snow almost covered the birdbath, it did cover the well.  What did we do?  We stayed in and watched it snow. 

I was able to finish Row 4 of Renulek's Doiley without any problems.  It took me almost the entire Doiley to get the pattern comfortably into my memory.  I am pleased with my Doiley.

I now need to make the #40 thread Doiley.  Have a great day and enjoy your threads.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beginning, the Fifth Time

Last night I was trying to begin Row 4 of Renulek's Doiley.  I kept making mistakes and cutting it off.  I went to bed with not anything to show for my time with tatting.  This morning while I was waiting for my tea to steep, I looked in my ORT basket. 
I had cut it off my start four times, I thought it was three. 
With my cup of tea by my side, Irish Breakfast Tea, I began again.  I had to take the pattern and separate out what I was doing.  I drew some simple repeat directions of just the row I was working on.

I think that I have it!  Now we shall see how far I can get.  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Row Three

Here is Row 3 of Renulek's Doiley.  I am making two, silly me.  One in size #20 thread and the other in #40.  I have begun row 4.

Waiting for the Nor'easter and snow.  The birdfeeders have been replenished in anticipation.

Stay safe and warm, I will be tatting.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2017 Doiley

I enjoyed making Leens Angel.  She was first made in Lizbeth 20 #152.  I don't usually tat in 40 thread.  When I tried long ago, I really messed up.  I decided that I wanted to try the Angel in size 40.  She came out nicely, if I may say so myself.  I must be a better tatter now.  I made two with Lizbeth 40 #168.

I have begun Renulek's 2017 Doiley.  I made her 2015 Doiley and it is wonderful.  My first try was beginning with a chain.  You can see that it did not work very well.  What was I thinking?

I then began from a ring and it looks SO much nicer.  Row one.
Row two.  It made Row one a bit squished.  I would like to be a more even chain maker.
Beginning of row three.
I decided that I would also try it in 40 thread.  It is working a lot better than I thought I would.  Able to retro-tat without difficulty.

These are also my first ever onion rings.  I do forget at times how I put the second ring over the first.  But, I can make them.
Have a nice evening.






Sunday, March 5, 2017


Step One: August 2015, Betty, Kathy and I decided to make The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt designed by Laurie Aaron Hird.  This is a quilt of 111 six-inch blocks.  We divided up the 111 blocks.  I had to make three blocks of my assigned 37 blocks.  As they were made, I gave Betty and Kathy a block and kept one for myself.  They did the same.  Each quilt has the same blocks.
We did not have any special directions for material colors or patterns, just use what you have.  We gave ourselves one year to make all the blocks.  We succeeded!
Step two: put the blocks together.  I am pleased and so excited to say that my blocks became a flimsy today, just one hour ago!!!

The blocks are put together with setting triangles, cornerstones and sashing strips.  My colors; grey and cream.  I started the cornerstones and sashing strips at one corner and worked to the middle.  Then started at the opposite corner and worked to the middle again.  Then I put the two halves together. 

Yesterday I put on the two side border strips and took them off last night.  I was not happy with how I had sewed them on.  One side strip was put back on last night and the other this morning.

This afternoon, I put the top and bottom strips on.  I am so excited!

Betty and Kathy's quilts are in the cornerstone and sashing strip phase.  As soon as they are flimsy's, I will show you how they look.

Now I wait for the batting to come in.  I am using a wool batting and the backing material has also been ordered.  I have an idea on how it will be quilted.  I want to make sure the blocks are the important visual, not the quilting.

You all have a great day.  Mine has been wonderful!