Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Finish #1

I am a person who doesn't always finish projects in a timely manner.  My word for 2017 is completion. 
I have seen several different completion challenges for 2017 on different Blogs.  They almost all are focused on one skill, craft.  I am not a one skill person.  I love working with fibers in many different forms.  There was one challenge that had the goal of completing 17 of anything in 2017. 
Kathy, Betty and I have decided to look at ALL of our UFOs and WIPs and committed to completion of 17 of anything in 2017.  We have all taken inventory.  Me, I have three Embroidery, four Tatting, ten Quilting, and three Knitting projects that have not been completed.  (I am still looking for more. That cannot be all there is.)
Those found projects have been listed as to type and where they are in their completion stage.  Now I keep a written record of what I am working on, when I am working on it, how much time I spend working on it and where it is towards completion.  I have committed to not beginning any large project until two of not completed projects are off my list. 
Here is my first big finish.  This is the QOV Remembrance (Quilt of Valor) that I began the summer of 2015.  I made two of them at the same time.  They were kits from Connecting Threads and I was just getting back into quilting.  It was a joy to make them.  I had completed piecing the tops in 2015.  They were both in the flimsy stage and I was looking for a longarmer to machine quilt them.  That did not happen, so I machine quilted them myself.  I used the embroidery machine quilting program Edge-to-Edge by Amelie Scott Designs.  Here is the first finished quilt, completed January 19, 2017.

It took 77 repeats of the quilting star pattern to machine quilt this quilt.

The backing is flannel.  I love to back a quilt with flannel, so soft and warm.  The batting is 100% cotton.

This quilt is going to a local veteran as a Thank You for his service to our country.
May you all have a nice day.  Completion is the word.

Friday, January 20, 2017

I Will Do It!

I have begun two TIAS before but never completed them.  I never let anyone know how far I had tatted or that I had even begun.  This year is different.  I will complete this TIAS!  (Completion is a 2017 goal.)
TIAS: Tat It And See, Jane Eborall.
I am on day 4, waiting for day 5.  No idea what I am tatting.  Also, I had no idea what a ZigZag chain was.  It took me watching three videos before I understood it.  Thank you to the people on You Tube who demonstrate tatting.  I cannot remember who I watched and which one finally clicked in my mind.  I was able to tat the ZigZag chain on the third try.

My quilting cousin Kathy, her friend Betty and I have begun another "support each other" endeavor.  It is related to UFOs and WIPs.  I will let you know more in my next entry.  I need to take some photos but it is to grey today to get a nice photo. 

One of my goals in this endeavor is to look at my time.  It took me a bit more than an hour to figure TIAS day 4 out.  That is the time for viewing the videos and untatting my work three times.  The final tat only took about 10 minutes.

Have a great day.

Monday, January 16, 2017

A New Year Begins

I did not complete my 2016 motif challenge.  I did only 12 motifs and only 13 posts for 2016.   

Here is 2017 and I begin again.  My first motif is a set of heart earrings for Sweet Thing #3  They are made from the pattern Butterfly Heart by Irene Woo.


 Have a nice day.  It is cold but sunny here.