Thursday, May 26, 2016

No phone

Twenty houses lost the telephone and internet for a week, we were one of them.  It happened about two blocks from our house in a metal box substation.  Our phone service is on strike so it took a bit to get it back.  I did not miss the phone at all!  But, I did miss the internet.  We checked out e-mails when we parked the car in front of Sweet Thing #3's apartment and hooked up to her wireless.  Husband wouldn't stay long enough for me to follow blogs or write in mine.  I am trying to put in two blogs a month.  I won't make it this month.  

On Mother's Day I finished Renulek's Spring 2014 doiley.  The largest doiIey that I have made.  I like how it looks and I will use it as motif #7.  I have not washed or blocked it yet so it is a bit wrinkly.

I was wondering what to do next when I saw the Butterfly Doiley sitting in a basket.  It had been sitting there for a LONG time with only four rows done.  The Butterfly Doiley from Tatting from Burda was begun back in 2014.  I had tried to figure out how to make the butterflies different colors from the rest of the tatting.  I was not able to figure it out.  So, I am doing the row of the butterflies a different color from all the other rows.  Rows 5 and 6 have gone rather quickly and I am finding them easy, I don't have to do a lot of thinking.  I have done some untatting on Row 6 as I am not always paying attention.  This is being made with Lizbeth size 10 thread, blue ice and white.  We are flying to Texas for a family wedding over the holiday week.  I will see if I am allowed to tat on the plane.

May you all have a nice holiday and I will see you in June.

ADDENDUM: My entry was written last night and I took the pictures this morning.    Remember how I said I don't always pay attention, here it is. 
I was getting ready to finish last night and was looking at my work.  2/3rds of row 6 had been tatted.  Right in the middle of that tatting was another mistake.  Each time I made a mistake it was the same one.  The other mistakes had been caught right after I made them and were easy to take out.  This is the one which got away.  Now I will cut and redo. 
I sure hope they let me bring my tatting on the plane.