Saturday, May 14, 2022

Advice Requested

My pumpkin table runner is now off the hand quilting frame.  I put it on May first, and it came off on May 12th with about 13 hours of hand quilting time.  I am super pleased and totally enjoyed my experience. 

But I have many questions.  I don't know anyone who hand quilts or works with a 3-roller frame.  I have watched Esther Miller's videos on setting up the frame and her hand quilting directions.  All wonderful information but everything has to come to an end.  That is where my questions come in.

When I arrived at the end, instead of rolling the quilt forward, I just switched and moved to the back of the frame.  When you look at the photos below, the back of the frame is at the bottom of the photo.

The first photo shows how I have basted through the beginning of the runner, then the batting to the leader on the back roller.  So, if I stitched straight through, I would be sewing into the leader fabric.  

Here is my solution.  Did I do it proper or is there a better way?

I took out the basting stitches and put the back roller leader out of the way.  Then the beginning of the runner was pinned to the batting and backing.  You can see that the backing is rolled up on its own leader and roller.  (Two rollers in the back leading to one roller in the front.)  Then I finished quilting the last of the border and took it off the frame.

Is that the way to finish?  

Finished it is.

Here you see the runner: machine pieced, hand appliqued for the vines, machine appliqued for the stem, hand quilted. border put on by machine and then hand stitched.  

I sure used several techniques to make this.  Wonderful.

I have another pumpkin runner as a flimsy.  That one will be sandwiched soon and machine quilt.  

My 3030 quilt is getting ready to go up on the frame.  It should happen this week.  Ideas on how to quilt it are dancing in my head.

I will be linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Can’t help you, but it looks like you’ve done a really good job!

  2. I don't understand what you said you did but I have a roller quilting frame. I always make the backing longer than the flimsy. When I start quilting, the batting and quilt top is pinned to the backing, not the leader. Same way with the end.

    When I'm close to the end of the quilt, the flimsy is pinned through the batting onto the backing, not the leader fabric. Hope this helps you! Your table runner is very nice, happy stitching!

  3. Sorry, but I can't help. Your table runner is beautiful.

  4. I love your table runner... can you email me at with a pic of the entire 3 roller frame and how it looks now? that back roller leader should be long enough to let you roll it down... I have a Hinterberg frame and we can exchange pics and advise though if you like. Check out my blog too on Kathy's Page this week... designoriginalsbykc :)
    Love the table runner btw! Kathi

  5. Sorry, my frame is a two roller, so no advice for a three roller. The only time I've seen a three roller in use, the quilter worked from the front (single rail) side all the way to the end. However you set it up, your runner looks fantastic! Love the colors.

  6. Gretchen gave great advise. That is how my video of the Grace frame works. Love your table runner. Very pretty.

  7. I don't know anything about quilting on this kind of frame but it looks like you did everything perfectly and it turned out beautifully!
    I love that ideas are dancing in your head!!

  8. Once I quilted on a 3-roller frame. I had extra-long backing as Gretchen mentioned. I would follow her advice. Your quilting stitches are neat & tidy.

  9. Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I was able to find a video that showed finishing the quilt on a three-roller frame. Hope to have my next quilt on by the end of the week. Gardens are calling my name though. The weather has finally turned warm. 40s-50s two weeks ago and last week in the 70s to low 80s. I am so far behind.