Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Motif #12

I have had the fortune to find the most wonderful star to tat.  Joelle Paulson at leblogdefrivole has this star pattern, Crystal Star.  You have to find out how she has made the join of the beads.  It is like, WOW, why aren't I that smart.
Here is my first star.  I didn't quite follow her directions (which are excellent, it was me).  I didn't have enough thread to join the last bead.  I needed just a smidge more to get that bead joined.  Now that the picture has been taken, I will take apart this star and reuse the beads.
Here is my second star.  Once again I didn't follow directions.  Look at 12 o'clock and 7 o'clock.  I missed some joins (what was I thinking of, surely not tatting the star).  As I said before, now that the picture is taken, I will take apart this star and reuse the beads.

Here is my third attempt at the star.  Now I am paying attention and I love the results.  The beads in the center are just amazing to me.
I have done three more and have several yet to do.  Every year the girls (sweet thing #1, #2, and #3) have received a Christmas tree decoration.  This is the one that they will receive this year.  Will also share with others in Christmas cards. 
May you all enjoy your evening.  I will be working on Crystal Stars.


  1. Awesome!!! :) Fabulous gifts!! :)

  2. Your finished star looks lovely! I love the pattern, and I am grateful you shared information about the designer. I also recently finished tatting a star, and I just started another star using one of Joelle's patterns. Thanks again for sharing!