Friday, January 20, 2017

I Will Do It!

I have begun two TIAS before but never completed them.  I never let anyone know how far I had tatted or that I had even begun.  This year is different.  I will complete this TIAS!  (Completion is a 2017 goal.)
TIAS: Tat It And See, Jane Eborall.
I am on day 4, waiting for day 5.  No idea what I am tatting.  Also, I had no idea what a ZigZag chain was.  It took me watching three videos before I understood it.  Thank you to the people on You Tube who demonstrate tatting.  I cannot remember who I watched and which one finally clicked in my mind.  I was able to tat the ZigZag chain on the third try.

My quilting cousin Kathy, her friend Betty and I have begun another "support each other" endeavor.  It is related to UFOs and WIPs.  I will let you know more in my next entry.  I need to take some photos but it is to grey today to get a nice photo. 

One of my goals in this endeavor is to look at my time.  It took me a bit more than an hour to figure TIAS day 4 out.  That is the time for viewing the videos and untatting my work three times.  The final tat only took about 10 minutes.

Have a great day.

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