Saturday, March 18, 2017

Flimsy Twins

January to June of 2016, Craftsy had a Quilt Block of the Month designed by Lynette Jensen.  Kathy and I both liked the quilt, so, we both made the quilt.  I bought the kit as I really like the fabrics being used.  Kathy bought her border material and then went shopping in her Stash to find her complimentary fabrics.  We kept up with the piecing of the quilt to the last month.
Both of them ended up being UFOs and both were added to our finish list for 2017.  They were completed within two days of each other, the Flimsy Twins were born!  We almost stopped at the same place on the quilts.  I had a row of piano keys to put on and then the two outer boarders.  Kathy had only three rows of the outer border to do.  Why does a person stop when they are so close to finishing?
This is Kathy's Flimsy Twin.


Here is my Flimsy Twin (complete with Ted)


Here are the two of them lying side by side.  Kathy is on the left, I am on the right.

They are twins, not identical but so complementary.  

Now I have two Flimsy to quilt.  The FWQ will be done first, I think that I know how I will do it.  The batting is here and the backing is on its way.  I have also ordered the backing for this one.  This is my quilt, a quilt that I am keeping.  Ideas are running in my mind on how it will be quilted.

News on Kathy's FWQ!  She only has two rows of blocks left to put together and them she will put on its borders.  Then she has two flimsy to quilt.  So far 2017 is becoming a year of finishes.

Have a grand day!





  1. So beautiful, it would be a shame to leave them unfinished!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. We are both so pleased at how they look. They wont stay as Flimsy for long. They should be done by the end of April at the latest. I have my FWQ to do first, that should start at the end of this week. Waiting for backing fabric and then I go on to this one. Cannot start other quilt projects until they are done.