Saturday, May 6, 2017

Finished Sandwich

One quilt finished!  This is the quilt that Kathy (my quilting cousin) and I made for our Aunt.  Our mothers were sisters.  My mother was sister #1, Kathy's mother was sister #4.  The sister  remaining is Aunt Mary Ann, the youngest, sister #5.  We decided a few weeks ago to make her a lap size quilt for Mother's Day.  This is the fastest that I have ever completed a quilt. 
Kathy designed the quilt with using a Churn Dash blockWe decided on material that reminded us of our Aunt.  We divided the material and each made half of the churn dash blocks.  (This part we worked separately.)  We then gathered to cut the joining squares and sewed them together in rows with the blocks.  Then Kathy put on the two borders.

Together we made it a sandwich.  Then I quilted in the ditch around the churn block squares.  Kathy then made the wreaths in the empty squares.  We both hand sewed the binding.  I then put the hearts in the four corners and cleaned up the loose threads.

This quilt has traveled between two cousins while being made.  It is now on its way to our Aunt in Georgia.  XXOOXX  Aunt Mary Ann!