Saturday, April 14, 2018

Moving Along

My row 11 of Renulek's 2018 Doiley is done.  It took me three repeats to get this into my memory and then I was off tatting.  I have enjoyed this row.

Here is my row 12.  This one is moving along fast.  I did make a mistake, kinda.  I thought to make the picot between the two together rings small as that is where the next row attaches.  I was wanting the rows tight together.  You can see on the first six repeats from the right that the picot are smaller.  Then, I forgot and made all the picots the same size.  I did eleven repeats before I remembered what my plans were.  Not going to change it.    

I am liking the open spaces and the more tatted areas of this Doiley.  I think it is my favorite Doiley designed by Renulek.

Spring is here now, 65 degrees, but sleet is to come this evening and tomorrow.

Happy Tatting.

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