Monday, April 11, 2016


Good day to all.  Back in February I showed you one of my table runners.  The one I am showing today was the first runner made when getting back into quilting.  I made it January 2015 for Valentine's Day. The pattern is from My Runners by Disa Designs.  It was done to learn how to work with fusible web.  I did change how the hearts are joined together.  They were done by hand stitching on the backside, not using circles to join the hearts on the frontside as Disa did.

The second runner in grey was made for the son of a friend of mine and his new bride in celebration of their wedding.  


What did I learn?  I used fusible web for the entire circle on the first runner.  On the second runner I only had the fusible web for the first outer 1/4 inch of the circle.  It made a much softer look and feel.  I continued to used the fusible web on the entire letter, they were just to narrow to cut out the center of them. 

What else did I learn from this runner?  This was the first and I love making runners!  There will be more to show in the future.


  1. I must look into that method. Love playing with fabric specially if it can be combined with a bit of tatting too!!!!

    1. Jane
      Thank you for your kind comment. It is rather amazing (and exciting) to see that people whose blogs I have followed for years are looking at mine. Next entry will be tatting.

  2. Whoooppeeee - looking forward to your next post. I follow loads of blogs and try to comment regularly but tend to look, wander off and forget!!!! That's the trouble with an old brain - it runs out of steam!!!