Monday, October 10, 2016

Boxes and Leaves

I saw a triangle shaped thread catcher on several blogs this summer.  I liked the idea of a thread catcher but I needed a bigger opening.  I found the pattern for a square box from Tina Craig at Seaside Stitches posted in 2013. Lace-Lovin'  Librarian shares the pictorial directions on her blog.  I enjoy making these boxes.  I used a 10 inch square of fabric from some Layer Cakes by Moda with a layer of left over quilt batting in between.  30's Playtime 2015 is one of the material collections.  I cannot seem to find the label from the other one. 
 I have put a box at the cutting table, each sewing machine (three), the serger and my tatting/hand work nest (as my family calls it).  I have given them away to Sweet Thing #3 and her roommate, my cousin and friends.  I really do enjoy making these.  The box with my cheater glasses is the box that has my "applique tools" in it.  Somehow a second pair of scissors ended up there.
I have begun making some boxes for Christmas.  These are made with a 12 inch square of material so they are a little bigger.  I will be using Christmas buttons to hold down the corners on these.  These five are the first that I have sewn together and machine quilted.  I just have to sew them into squares and fasten down the inside and outside.

I found this Maple Leaf Motif (my #11 motif) from Tammy Rodgers aka GreenFuzzer from 2001.  I have enjoyed making them and can make one leaf during the time it takes for half a foot ball game on TV.  The one with the tail was my first and you can see that I did not make my joining picots small.  I did it with the other two and it looks much nicer.  Shall make two more tonight during the game.  The thread is Lizbeth's Autumn Spice # 136, size 20.



  1. A lovely collection of baskets and leaves. That thread is just perfect for the leaves.

  2. Your boxes and leaves are awesome!!! :)