Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fall Garden

It is hard to believe that it is September.  We had our first frost this morning, not a killing frost but a frost.  It was 39 degrees at 6 am and then it did warm up to 60.  Tomorrow it is to be 76 and rain.
I have begun to clean up my gardens for the fall to get ready for next season.  My gardens are not prim and proper.  I let the milkweed grow.  This is the reason; the Monarch butterfly.  There are four generations of them over the summer and this is the fourth.  This is the generation that will head south for the winter.  That is, when it gets out of the caterpillar stage.  I found three caterpillars in my garden today.  I have not seen any chrysalis this summer.  They are hiding well.


Here is the milkweed growing outside the raised garden beds.  There are some that are allowed to grow with the irises.  Not a perfect garden at all but I love that butterfly and cannot disturb its lunch.

Enjoy your day.  Mine has been grand.

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