Thursday, December 14, 2017

Angels and Itchy Fingers

Hello to whomever is reading my blog.  I thank you, I have been gone a LONG time.  I was doing my usual Fall Semester Clinical teaching at the local ADN RN program.  That is not what slowed me down.

It was Angels.


My Church did a restoration of it's Steeple this year.  That was quite the endeavor.  We were fortunate to receive a historical grant.  We are an historical building in the historical downtown area of our city.  But, the rest will be pledge commitment and fund raising.

I found this "Freestanding Lace Angels" program from Amazing Designs.  It has the most beautiful Lace Angels.

Three of us decided to make Memorial Angels for the Church's Christmas Tree, 100 of them.  I made the Angels, Marcia made the ribbon hangers and labels.  Nelson was our spoke person.  Nelson and Marcia had all 100 'Named in Memory' in two Sundays. 

They are now all hanging on the tree.

A wonderful way to remember those that are important to us at this amazing season.

A successful fund raiser for our Steeple.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.  May you spend it with your loved ones.

It took Ellie (Elna Expressive 900) and I from September 25 to November 15 to make the Angels.  It takes about an hour for each Angel and I would make two or three most days.  This is a wonderful program that takes about an hour to make an Angel.  

My tatting has been quiet, but I am getting back on track.  My fingers are itching to get other threads in hand.  I hope to have something to show in the next week.  Thank you for visiting.