Friday, March 23, 2018

Under an African Sky, Part 2

I am enjoying this doiley.  It has made me learn techniques that I was to nervous to try.  Here I am up to row 5.  Row 5 was an easy and quick row to do.  The harder part was to make sure that I had not twisted the chains when I was joining the ends.  I put each three ring section into the blue chain to make sure all was OK and then joined the ends together.  It worked.

Row 6

I had to be careful when adding this row.  I kept the yellow in place and only once did I have to un-tat as one set of rings had slipped out of place and, once again, I was not paying attention.

My thread order has come in, so, back to Renulek's 2018 Doiley.  I will also be working on this one.  I begin my trees, Interlocking Self Closing Mock Rings, 16 of them.  I will be very comfortable making them when I am done.

Jane, Thank You for this pattern!  Mine will be called Berkshire Spring.  We still have eight inches of snow on the ground but it should be gone soon.  Our weather is to go into the 40s next week.  I am so looking forward to spring.   


  1. Wow, you’re making good progress! Yes, it sounds as though you need some Spring colours there.

  2. Your universe is expanding at a fast rate :-) Looking really pretty

  3. Thank you both so much. Snow this morning, Easter Monday. Spring is coming!