Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I have finished 10 rows of Renulek's 2018 Doiley.  Ten rows took one ball of thread.  I wound up six bobbins to begin row 11.  I had part of one bobbin left over from row 10.  As I did three repeats it just wasn't looking correct.  I looked harder and noticed that my bobbin thread sizes didn't match.  I had a size 20 thread in one shuttle and a size 40 thread in the second shuttle.  I went to fix it and realized that I had run out of size 20 thread.  I wasn't paying attention.  I had two balls of size 40 and one of size 20 in this color when I began.  I started with the wrong size thread!  I was going to make this Doiley in size 40 thread.  Again I say, I wasn't paying attention!    I now wait until more thread comes in in size 20.  Sigh.

I need to work on something.  

I have been watching Renulek's 2018 Doiley tatted by others and it fascinates me that people use multiple thread colors.  I am not a good thread color designer.  What was I to do.  I had to wait, I needed an idea and I really wanted to use more that one thread color in my doiley.  I decided to start Under an African Sky by Jane McLellan.  I have had the pattern for awhile but the beginning looked to hard.

I thank Tatting Lace in Grace and Umi & Tsuru for showing me how to do the Interlocking Self Closing Mock Ring.  Their Blog instructions were wonderful.  This is something I don't know that I would have figured out so quickly without their help.  Try #1 and #2 are pictured above.  This it try #3 below.  It is almost good, one of the rings wasn't put in properly.

Here is my fourth try and not so bad if I may say so myself.

I have added the sky to my sun. 

This is a fun pattern to do, now that I am doing it.  I shall keep with this until my threads come in and then will finish both of them.  I am paying more attention now.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy tatting.  May you pay better attention than I.


  1. Oh, I love seeing blogs about people tatting the African sky doily, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope your thread arrives soon. I've done that too, mix up threads of different thickness.

  2. You got it ! Looks lovely. This doily has been on my list, too.

  3. I thank you both for your kind comments. Jane, you have had me do new tatting techniques with this doiley. Thank you!!