Monday, February 13, 2017

HOME Runner

My Most Handsome volunteers with Habitat.  The home buyer that he has been working with for the last five years received her house on Saturday (after many hours of home equity work).  It was a wonderful occasion for her and her family.  Habitat does more than restore houses, it makes HOMES.  I wish her and her family many years of happiness.
I made this table runner for her.  The pattern is from My Runners Keep Going by Disa Designs.  The use of the black, white and greys are her colors.  It is, to me, a more modern color way for a runner.  I liked the materials together when I picked them out but was getting worried as I was making it.  I finished it ..................... I liked it. 

I machine quilted it with a simple crosshatch and did a buttonhole stitch around the heart edges and the letters.

It was begun with cutting the fabrics on February 2nd and finished with hand sewing the binding on February 10th. 
Every time I complete a project, my sewing room has to get cleaned and everything put back into its place.  I am not always the neatest when working.  Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning, no football - sigh.  A shout out for my New England Patriots that won the Super Bowl!!!
This runner is not on my list of Completion for 2017.  The projects on my list are much larger and will take more time.  I am still working on them.  Will document them as they reach certain completion stages.  I do need to make smaller things to see them begin and end rather quickly.  I am really liking the word Completion.
Enjoy your day!  We have another 12 inches of snow from yesterday.  The wind today is blowing it around.  The driveway has been cleaned out twice so far.

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