Saturday, February 11, 2017

Motif #3, #4

Working with a plan for this years 25 Motif Challenge is working well.  This motif is #58 found on page 30 of A Tatter's Workbook, price is listed as $0.25 a piece in the 1920s.  I began it and then cut it off as I did not start properly.  If you look at the ring on the right, where it sits next to the center ring, you can see where I did not join the first picot of the center ring to last picot of right ring.  I did it properly on the left side.  Reading a written pattern is not as easy for me as looking at a drawing.  I think that I should draw them out first and then begin to tat.

Here is the motif done properly.  I don't usually knot my threads, but I broke my pull through thread when hiding the last thread.  So, I just knotted it and made it a loop.  I figure this is a sampling project for me.   Maybe these pieces will be the beginning of my tatting workbook.

This next motif does not have a number or a price.  I figure that it was put into the book at a  later date.  It is found on page 30 and just goes by the name Medallion.  She had done this as two rounds, the center ring and then the outside edge.  I tried it with leaving the center ring with a split ring and using a lock join to make a space to be a picot.  That is where the hanging loop is found.  That mock picot (or whatever it is called) keeps squishing in where you cannot see it, but it is there.  I enjoyed the outside edge which is a chain and these tiny little rings on the chain.  This piece is tiny which made it a bit fiddly.  I want to do it again with maybe more ds in the chain to make it 'less tight' and maybe the picots will behave.

Have a wonderful tatting weekend.


  1. Beautiful heart and wonderful colors!!! :)
    Great start on your next motif!! :)

  2. The little motif, that is all there is to the pattern. It is so tiny. I have to redo it so that the pattern can be seen better. Thank you for visiting!