Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Motif #8

My next Motif from A Tatter's Workbook is #72 found on page 35.  I followed the pattern as written and it is a bit squished together.  My picots might be a bit smaller than A. Tatter used or I am a tighter tatter.  Who knows, I was not able to make it look like hers.
I repeated the pattern with a decreased number of ds on the rings making them smaller.  As I was tatting it, eight repeats was going to make it wavy so I stopped at seven.  You can see the vsp picot that I purposely skipped.

Here is my third attempt.  I increased the number of ds on the center ring, increased the number of ds on the chain with the little rings, and made only seven repeats.  This one I like.  Will have to figure out how to make it with eight repeats and not have it wavy.
When I am making picots, I always use a picot guide.  It is how I began to tat and I have no problem with holding it.  The vsp (very small picot) were made using the 1/8" size, the others were made using the 1/4" size which is my usual 'go to' picot size.

Have a grand day. 


  1. I like your experimentation & adaptation !
    I also like the inner round of the first motif - the spiraling rings !

  2. I think the top one has an interesting sense of movement, but the third one is much clearer.

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments and for looking at my blog. When you look at the picture of the motif done by A. Tatter, it looks like my third motif but with the larger rings. Her rings were not showing motion or spiraling. I think the spiral looks nice but if you looked at the real one, it is all squished. I need to figure out how she did it with the larger rings and not squished.

  4. Great tries and I like your third one!! :)
    It's so interesting how little changes can make bit differences!! :)