Thursday, February 16, 2017

Motifs #5, 6, 7

It is February 16th and I already have seven Motifs made and posted!  (Better than 2016.)
Here is Motif #5.  This is pattern #60 found on page 31 of A Tatters Workbook.  I enjoyed making this motif.  The pattern starts at one of the rings but I chose to start at a chain leading to a ring.  This is made from Lizbeth #664-Bright Turquoise.
I have seen this angel on other sites and went looking for the pattern.  This is Leens Tatted Angel.  She is made in two parts: the first is the body and wings and the second is the skirt.  Once again, I cannot follow written directions.  I have an extra picot in the middle of the upper row of the skirt.  This lead to an extra ring in the lower row of the skirt.  Someday I will pay better attention and not rush ahead.  This thread is Lizbeth #152-Christmas Green Mix.

Here is my 2017 TIAS, the Crinoline lady.  She is made from Lizbeth #170-Pineapple Parfait.  This is my first completed TIAS and this was on my list of completions for 2017.  I have now crossed off two completions.

Have a grand day with threads!



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