Monday, April 3, 2017

#9, #10

I skipped Motif #73 from A Tatter's Workbook.  I am not sure that I like it, maybe I will go back to it in the future. 
Here is Motif #9.  In A Tatter's Workbook it is labeled as #15, found on page 37 and fun to tat.  My changes were to make vsp on the rings to join them.  A Tatter made them without attaching the rings to each other.  She also did each round as a separate row with a separate tie off.  I once again THANK the tatters that came before me.  I did the whole Motif without breaking thread.  First I did a split ring to climb out of the ring row, then kept joining chains above the previous chain join, going around in the circle.     

Motif #10 is a Shamrock bookmark.  The Shamrock is the Motif and then a very long tail to sit in the book pages.  The pattern is from Ellen Lai; Lucky Four Leaf Clover.  I only did three leaves as I wanted the Shamrock. 


 Another spring day here.  It is now 61 degrees, wonderful sunshine and the only snow remaining is at the tree line and where the drifts were.  I checked out my raised beds in the back yard and the Lambs Ear is peaking out of the snow.  The poppies are showing up by the east side of the house.  I so like the change of weather.