Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sandwich and the Run Away Doileys

Last Monday I went South County to see my cousin Kathy, 45 minutes away.  She and I have decided to make a quilt for someone.  We are making it with a four week deadline. 
I hadn't seen her for about two weeks so I brought down some of what I have been working on.  (We like show and tell.)  I brought down my two Spring 2017 Doileys by Renulek (among other things).  I had the White one with #20 row 8 finished and was 2/3s the way around row 8 with the Latte Foam #40.  After show and tell, we went to the planning of the quilt.  
The pattern layout idea was already done, the material had arrived and was prepped.  Now we discussed the making of the blocks and dividing of the material and tasks.  My tatting was getting buried under material.  When I arrived home I realized I didn't have it.  I called Kathy and yes, it had been buried.  What is a woman to do? 
A Farmer's Wife Quilt Sandwich that is.

 My Most Handsome helped me to empty the dining room of almost everything.  Then he left for the gym (smart man).  I laid down the batting and painter taped it to the floor, then the batting and then the quilt.  Made sure that it was as smooth as I could get it.  Then carefully, beginning in the middle, pinned it.  Now I have a FWQ Sandwich.  I have an idea on how I will quilt it and what thread color I will use.  Just need to agree with my mind.
Kathy came up on Thursday and my tatting came home.  Both doileys are now finished and today I begin row 9.  That looks as if it will be a slow row.  The #20 is 11.5 inches and the #40 is 10 inches across.
The quilt Kathy and I are working on is doing well.  We put the blocks together Thursday and she put the borders on to make it a flimsy.  We will sandwich it tomorrow.  Then, after we decide on how the quilting will be, I will be machine quilting it.  Pictures will come.



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  1. That quilt looks fabulous!! :)
    Your doilies are amazing!! :) I have trouble keeping up with one and you are busy with 2 and a quilt-wow!