Monday, April 24, 2017

Row 9

Row 9 has me tatting slowly.  To begin, I didn't like the number of ds in the floating rings.  I thought that it made the ring to big and open.  I like it better a little less open.  I reduced the first ds number to 8, then did 6 ds after the join to the other ring.  It took me four starts before I liked what I was doing. 
Then I joined in the wrong picot and made this mistake.  This is just one of many mistakes I have made on this row.  Last night I was watching Call the Midwife and had to un-tat the same section of ring and chain THREE times before I did it correctly.  (I need to pay attention.) 
I was able to correct it and move on but I am still not tatting quickly.  For some reason (not paying attention), I keep forgetting where I am and muck up with the order of the pattern.  LOTS of un-tatting with this row. 
I am now halfway through row 9 on my #20 thread doiley, then I will begin the #40.  May I get this set in my fingers and mind so I don't do so much untatting with the smaller thread.  Row 10 is out and Row 11 comes out this week.  How long will it take me to catch up?
The weather is wonderful today.  Spent time outside waking up my raised garden beds.  We had to replace one that has worn out after 10 years.  Planted pansies and Johnny Jump-ups, some of my favorite spring flowers. 


  1. It's looking good !
    As the rounds grow, it takes longer to keep up.

  2. It looks good, and I hope you don't have as many distractions while finishing! :)

  3. I only had one and it was a BIG one. Sigh :)